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Ten Thousand Yen Series Complete

Well over 3000 screen prints later and the initial Ten Thousand Yen series is complete. Most are sold out or selling fast so get in there quick. Now looking forward to what 2011 has in store. It's been emotional.


Ten Thousand Yen tees have been in for a while now but heres a photo of some mug in one. Scoop them here.

Printing for the final release in this series is complete. A seriously subtle white on white print for a double A from Manchester based XXXY to be pressed on white 10" vinyl. Limited to 350 hand screen printed and numbered as usual but this time with the help of a newcomer to the TTY family - M-Kat aka Meow Meow aka Meph' aka Emily Bronte who kept messin' with our pencils and that. Serious plans are already in place for TTY 2011 so keep your eyes peeled.

Ten Thousand Yen Developments

Been a bit lazy on this one, Ten Thousand Yen 002 has been in for a while now and has been doing the rounds, pressed up on this dead nice deep purple 10" vinyl I just picked up my copies from the Doc. Another mammoth print session went down last week in preparation for TTY003 from Bristol's Julio Bashmore. I'm really liking this shade of blue, worked the colour from a 7" sample so looking forward to getting the 10". The series is becoming highly collectable so get 'em while they're hot why don't you.

More Colouring in

Another little colouring in pack created for the Bingo Boutique print sale.

A Duck Says Crack

This has been lying around for a while, finally printed it up.

Edition of 20 210mm x 298mm

Hello Chocolate Eclair

I love chocolate eclairs. Sort of a sweet tooth series developing, along with Lick This

Edition if 20 383mm x 506mm

Lewis ♥ Ronald Reagan

More birthday related stuff, a print created from a felt pen drawing. The original was for a friend's birthday card.

Edition of 50 297mm x 415mm